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Causal AI & LLM synergies: Enterprise decision making needs more than chatbots

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Learn about real world use cases and customer success stories of decisionOS deployment.

Customer Case Study: Early Fault Detection

$50bn Global Electronics Company chooses causaLens to revolutionize its early warning system for faulty parts with Causal AI

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Customer Case Study: Client Retention

North American pension plan improved beneficiary satisfaction and increased retention by 17% using decisionOS powered by Causal AI

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Customer Case Study: Manufacturing Optimization

A global manufacturer sees 10x ROI from enhancing their manufacturing processes by comprehending the underlying reasons behind failures in their production lines

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Customer Case Study: Inventory Optimization

A leading manufacturer of IT products and equipment sees $19mn in savings from matching inventory levels to customer demand more accurately

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Customer Case Study: Deposit Modeling

A large European bank with over €400bn in aggregate deposits wanted sees a return of €12mn using decisionOS to better understand and manage deposit risk.

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Customer Case Study: Marketing Mix Modeling

A leading Mobile App company sees a projected 15x ROI through a reduction of 5% in annual marketing spend using decisionOS to optimise marketing allocation

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