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The Causal AI conference is returning to London on 24 Sept-24, and it's bigger and better than ever.

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Don’t simply 
track accuracy. 
Measure ROI.

Use decisionOps to orchestrate workflows, trust your process and measure the causal impact of your decision-making.


Decision Tracking & Quantification

Measure and optimize the ROI of your decision-making.

Data science projects are often seen as proof of concepts or laboratory experiments. This is due to no clear way to attribute their impact on KPIs, or measure ROI. decisionOS tracks decisions from data, to recommendation, to ultimate outcome and reports that back in the KPIs which your enterprise cares about. Using Causal AI “what-if” scenarios can be explored and the impact of multiple decisions can be evaluated simultaneously leading to better decision-making- the ultimate competitive advantage.

Orchestrate Decision Workflows

Scale decision-making to meet your needs.

Out of the box components for embedding Causal AI powered decision intelligence capable of: scenario planning, recourse, fairness, effect estimation, and root cause analysis. Allow your application users to explore and generate recommendations while building trust through interpretability and explainability.

Enterprise Connectivity

Never compromise, always work with your best data.

A key hurdle to any successful AI initiative is access to high quality data. decisionOS provides a catalogue of enterprise data connectors out of the box, meaning from day 1 you are building with the data which matters to you. All too often data science recommendations are trapped within dashboards or notebooks. Therefore, decisionOS also provides integrations with downstream systems to ensure recommendations can be triggered and realised in the real world.

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