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Causal AI & LLM synergies: Enterprise decision making needs more than chatbots

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Gartner lists Causal AI as a flagship emerging technology

Preeminent technology analysis firm Gartner has included Causal AI in its 2023 Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies. The breakthrough technology was picked from a set of 2000+ candidates that run the gamut from metaverse and Web3 to artificial intelligence. 

Based on deep research, surveys, and conversations with 12,000 organizations globally, Gartner’s Hype Cycle provides an objective view of a technology’s concrete value. As Gartner put it, if a technology makes it in the Hype Cycle then the hype is real and adopters can potentially net significant benefits.  

Causal AI is a key enabler of the next wave of AI, where AI moves toward greater decision automation, autonomy, robustness and common sense.


In an accompanying deep dive report into Causal AI, Gartner analysts cite causaLens as a leading provider of Causal AI solutions. 

Gartner notes that Causal AI provides a range of benefits, including: greater autonomy, robustness and adaptability, explainability and fairness, decision support, and increased AI applicability. They advocate “adopting causal AI to overcome the limitations of current AI” and “educating your data science teams on Causal AI… and how it differs from correlation-based AI”. 

We are delighted that leading industry analysts share our conviction in Causal AI as a transformational technology.