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The Causal AI conference is back in San Francisco for 2024, bigger and better than ever.

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Reimagine Marketing Attribution with Trustworthy AI

CMOs that boost marketing attribution can achieve transformational results: they are 2x more likely to achieve double-digit sales growth and can realize cost efficiencies of 25%.

Are you thinking about or asking your teams questions like:

  • How should I allocate my marketing budget when customer behaviour and preferences are radically shifting?
  • How can I achieve greater marketing impact with a reduced budget?

You aren’t alone and the answers will require a better understanding of the world that your customers are living in, noisy, highly interconnected, and constantly changing.

The world’s leading marketing teams are moving away from traditional AI and turning to Causal AI to unlock our understanding of each step along the customer journey. causaLens has pioneered this new category of intelligent machines that understand cause and effect.

Join this webinar to learn:

  • How Causal AI enables attribution models to more accurately represent today’s complex world.
  • How Causal AI can deliver on the promise of precision recommendations to budget allocation, at scale.
  • From a demo of causaLens’ Marketing Attribution Decision App how marketers and teams can assess causal drivers and run experiments at scale.

Andre Franca, Director of Applied Data Science at casuaLens

Andre joined causaLens from Goldman Sachs, where he was an executive director in the Model Risk Management group in Hong Kong and Frankfurt. Today he is working with industry leading, global organizations to apply cutting edge Causal AI research in production level solutions that empower individuals and teams to make better decisions. Andre received his PhD in theoretical physics from the University of Munich, where he studied the interplay between quantum mechanics and general relativity in black-holes.