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The Causal AI conference is back in San Francisco for 2024, bigger and better than ever.

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decisionOS 2.0: The Next Leap Forward for Enterprise Decision Making

decisionOS is evolving with a whole new set of features- all designed to make it easier, faster, and enhance your decision making. It features a keynote from Darko Matovski, CEO & Co-Founder at causaLens, and Tom Farrand, Director of Product.

If you’d like to see decisionOS 2.0 in action, join one of our bi-weekly demos where we will deep dive into decisionOS, Causal AI, and answer any of your questions live.

The latest release of decisionOS re-builds our Causal AI technology from the ground up with a focus on ease of use, modularity, and real world applicability. There is a whole new development environment, decisionStudio, which empowers you to build workflows faster, and share outputs collaboratively with your stakeholders.

Finally, no product release in 2023 would be complete without Generative AI: decisionOS brings together the intersection of Causal and Generative AI enabling you to ground LLMs in causal reality or to leverage LLMs as domain knowledge co-pilots.