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The Causal AI conference is back in San Francisco for 2024, bigger and better than ever.

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Why now?

“Causality is very important for the next steps of progress of machine learning.”

Yoshua Bengio

As the pioneers of Causal AI, over the last 6 years we’ve watched closely as academics and global technology leaders began to talk about Causal AI at the forefront of their research, their voices growing in strength and numbers. We’ve spoken to hundreds of data scientists and decision-makers that have seen the power of causality and are no longer asking why or how, but when.

As we organize the wider causality community and build the foundations for the global adoption of trustworthy AI, The Causal AI Conference 2023 marks a continuation of the next wave of momentum and a welcome to all those that believe in the power of causality.

Who makes up the Causal AI community?

Wherever you are on the data value chain within an organization, from the engineers building software and tooling, data scientists turning questions into insights and intelligence, to their business partners that drive value from intelligence through action and decision making, if you believe in the power of causality, this is your community – this is your conference.

How can I get involved?

Head to the conference website and request a pass – sit back, we’ll take it from there.