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Day 1: 12pm: Darko Matovski, PhD in the Data-Driven Culture Theatre

Bringing Causal Decision-Making to the Enterprise

About this talk:

Most important decisions in the enterprise are made based on ‘gut feel’.

AI offers great potential but has failed to deliver. In fact, 87% of projects never make it into production. And some that do, fail dramatically due to their inability to guarantee outcomes beyond historical patterns.

Causality unlocks the power of AI for decision-making.

In this session, we will show how Causal AI is able to find value in data, help design optimal interventions and recommend actions – all critical for decision-making.

Day 2: 12pm: Andre Franca, PhD in AI/ML Ops Theatre

The Next Generation of Model Monitoring with Causal AI

About this talk:

Why do models fail? In this talk we’ll introduce causal AI, and discuss some of the advancements in model monitoring and diagnostics that are only possible by understanding cause and effect relationships in data.