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The Causal AI conference is returning to London on 24 Sept-24, and it's bigger and better than ever.

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The Future of AI in Banking

Agenda including a live demo of our Fraud, Credit Risk, and Stress Testing apps

The Future of AI in Banking

  • Problems with ML – what got us here won’t get us there
  • Regulatory convergence and the way forward
  • Measures of Explainability, Trust, Fairness and Bias
  • Causal AI as a 10X accelerator in Financial Services
  • Examples of Causal AI in Fraud Detection, Credit Risk and Stress Testing


  • Stephen Moody, General Manager, Retail Banking at causaLens
  • Tom Dorrington Ward, Data Scientist at causaLens


0:33 – What do we do?
3:33 – Challenges with current ML approaches
6:55 – Intro to Causal AI
10:42 – Example: Causal AI for Fraud/Crime Prevention
20:32 – Example: Causal AI for Credit Risk
26:06 – Example: Causal AI for Stress Testing
33:54 – Summary and closing remarks