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The Causal AI conference is returning to London on 24 Sept-24, and it's bigger and better than ever.

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London to host the first Causal AI conference

London, UK, 22 September 2022 – The Causal AI revolution is gathering speed and for the first time, the global causal community is coming together under one roof – in London, on the 10th of November for The Causal AI Conference 2022 (cAI22).

Recognised by Gartner in its Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies 2022, the research and consultancy group said: “AI must go beyond correlation-based predictions and toward causality-based prescriptions … to drive more value from AI and decision intelligence, data and analytics leaders should explore Causal AI and start adding it to their capabilities.” 

Academic research on this revolutionary technology is gaining pace, while ‘big tech’ companies are investing rapidly in their own in-house causal labs, to harness its huge enterprise potential at the earliest opportunity.

Now causaLens, the creators of the only causal decision-making platform, that organizations can trust with their biggest challenges, is for the first time bringing together the wider Causal AI community of data scientists, engineers, academics, and global enterprise leaders for a live event to foster understanding, development, and adoption of this groundbreaking method of AI.

The agenda for cAI22, announced today, includes confirmed speakers from the world’s most innovative organizations, including TotalEnergies, Nestlé and the Mayo Clinic. It will feature keynote sessions, as well as deep dives into applications of Causal AI, and panels led by data, analytics, and AI professionals, as they discuss the future of Causal AI.

“Our vision is to create a world in which humans can finally trust machines, with the greatest challenges to the economy, society, and healthcare,” said Darko Matovski, co-founder and CEO of causaLens and organizers of cAI22. 

“Causal AI is the only technology that can reason and make choices like humans do, utilizing causality to go beyond narrow machine learning predictions and directly integrate AI into human decision-making.  We are excited to launch this event in which everyone working to bring trustworthy AI to their organizations can understand the power of discovering real, causal relationships, and how that benefits decision-making in today’s complex global environment.”

Speakers announced today include:

  • Professor Joe Halpern, Joseph C Ford Chair of Engineering at Cornell University
  • Annie Hou, SVP – Global Head of AI & Behavioural Sciences at MRM Group
  • Jordi Mur, Analyst, Emerging Technologies Nestlé Innovation at Nestlé Global
  • Antoine Bertoncello, Head of Next Generation AI at TotalEnergies

For more information on The Causal AI Conference, including the agenda, or to request a conference pass, please visit

“Machines’ lack of understanding of causal relations is perhaps the biggest roadblock to giving them human-level intelligence.”

Judea Pearl, Turing Award winner and AI pioneer

About causaLens

causaLens is the pioneer of Causal AI—a giant leap in machine intelligence.

causaLens builds Causal AI-powered products that are trusted by leading organizations across a wide range of industries. Our Causal AI Platform empowers all types of users to make superior decisions – through either an API or an intuitive user interface. causaLens is creating a world in which humans leverage trustworthy AI to solve the greatest challenges in the economy, society and healthcare.