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The Causal AI conference is returning to London on 24 Sept-24, and it's bigger and better than ever.

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causaLens founders’ story

“We found something we don’t think anyone was even close to thinking about.”

Darko Matovski, causaLens co-founder and CEO

In this in-depth interview, co-founders Darko Matovski and Maksim Sipos trace back their original motivations for starting causaLens. They explain how no single human, machine or team could possibly hope to understand the complexity of the real world with current technology. The missing ingredient was machine capable of cause and effect reasoning – hence the name ‘causaLens’.

Darko and Maksim also reveal the extent of the competition for roles at causalens, which received an estimated 25,000 CVs a year for 30 positions in 2020.

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