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The Causal AI conference is returning to London on 24 Sept-24, and it's bigger and better than ever.

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GenAI and Causal AI

Maximising GenAI potential for Data Scientists

Ground LLMs in causality, enhance causal discovery, and automate data science workflows to minimize hallucinations, maximize accuracy, and save you time.

Making LLMs work in the enterprise


Making the most of LLMs using Causal AI

Grounding GenAI/LLMs

Using causal models to enable LLMs to work with quantitative data.

Enhancing Causal Discovery

Extracting domain knowledge for Causal Discovery automatically in both public and private data.

Faster development with a Causal Co-Pilot

Building and deploying applications faster with a data science co-pilot.

Causal Grounding

Grounding GenAI/LLMs with Causal AI

Causal models can enable LLMs to ground their answers in accurate quantitative and qualitative statements. The LLM performs verifiable (citable) calculations by calling on the causal model enabling the LLM to work with quantitative data, perform accurate “what-if” scenario analysis, root cause analysis, effect estimation and much more

By grounding responses to statements of a causal nature, the LLM can correctly make statements related to the underlying business model, ensuring generated answers are trustworthy and explainable.

Causal Discovery

Enhanced Causal Discovery

LLMs can help identify cause-and-effect relationships within your data by automatically mining for causal knowledge and proposing this domain knowledge to the user. By combining this with causal discovery algorithms,  more accurate causal graphs can be developed quickly and with a lot less effort.

Causal Co-Pilot

Fly Faster with a Causal Co-Pilot

Build faster with a data science co-pilot augmented by the decisionOS code base and documentation. Your co-pilot supports you in your use case throughout the full causal workflow – from causal discovery to decision intelligence. Build your enterprise decision apps faster, more accurately and with much less effort.

Dive deeper into the opportunities unlocked by GenAI and Causal AI

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Causal AI Conference 2024

For more information, watch the session from the Causal AI Conference in San Francisco, June 2024, presented by Max Sipos, Chief Scientific Officer and Co-Founder of causaLens.

Max discusses how causal AI and GenAI can be used together and explores the above concepts in more detail.

Max Sipos – Large Language Models and Causal AI from causaLens on Vimeo.

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Read our whitepaper u0022Large Language Models and Causal AI: Synergies and Opportunitiesu0022 to find out more about agentic causal agents working with LLMs.

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